Which Lash Is Right for You?

Which Lash Is Right for You?

How do you determine the type of lash that is right for your eyes? Do you eye-ball it?

For the majority of us, when we buy false lashes it’s merely a visible decision. We assume the lash would be a match because of the shape or length of our preferences. But do you ever think about the material of the lashes? The actual fibers being used to create the final product?

What are false eyelashes made from?

False eyelashes can be made from various fibers, which is why some lashes feel differently on your eyes. Basically there are three types of lashes: 3D Silk, Faux- Mink and Mink lashes.

What type of lashes does #aracuntamed sell?

A.R.A.C offers three lash collections:

3D SILK – three – dimensional layers of extremely light-weight, synthetic fibers that are perfect for older clients and sensitive eyes. Similar to faux – mink lashes but less glossier finish.


Faux – Mink – synthetic blend fibers designed to imitate real mink fur, perfect for a more natural look. Slightly glossier than silk and mink lashes but more durable with curl retention.


Mink – made from real mink fur. Perfect for fuller and thicker lash looks.

Still not sure which collection to try?

Stay tuned, A.R.A.C will be dropping a limited edition lash box with one of each collection (check your emails for upcoming announcements).

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